In the spot: RFID e-SEALS AND e-LOCKS


Senior Security Process Manager

20+ years of experience in security processes and products and tampering prevention systems. 


    Sales Manager

    10+ years of experience in sales of security seals and customer care in the areas of logistics and transport.


      Software Developer

      Specialist for firmware and embedded software of electronic seals.

        Federica Bolognesi

        RFID Product Engineer

        15+ years of experience in RFID products and systems.

          LEGHORN S.r.l. is a security company since 1978.

          LEGHORN has 35+ years of experience in designing, manufacturing and selling security seals and products to protect, control, identify and track goods and people, with a specialization in logistics and transport applications. LEGHORN is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

          LEGHORN is your global partner for every need in

          • Protection: security seals and locks for tamper prevention.
          • Control: security products and completely integrated hardware-software solutions to monitor and control in real time goods and people, even remotely.
          • Identification: uniquely and securely identify goods, vehicles, containers, animals and people.
          • Traceability: real time GPS tracking devices to locate and monitor status and movements of vehicles and people.


          • +39 0586 406376
          • I-57121 36, Via degli Arrotini LIVORNO (LI)

          Why electronic seals boost shipping operations?

          RFID e-seals, often combined with the most innovative IT solutions, like data acquisition via mobile and processing on-the-go,  pave a new path towards higher security and efficiency in the whole supply chain of logistics, enabling real time controls and prompt contingency actions.


          President and CEO LEGHORN Group
          I followed in person the installation of new RFID Gate In Fast Lanes in DP World Belgium, terminal Antwerp Gateway. What I can say, after over 3 years of successful work for the system, 100% fault-free, is that our UHF RFID NEPTUNE seals and JANUS GATE allow stopping congestion and human errors in TAS, Trucks Appointment System.

          ALEX LE CLEF

          Managing Director LEGHORN PERFRA, Belgium.
          RFID e-seals offer higher security about identification of the container and its status, thus enabling goods to move more quickly through “Fast Corridors“. When shippers meet certain requirements for security of shipments in transit, the " Fast Corridors" program enables qualified shipments to move through Customs with reduced inspections and shorter transit time, which is key to attract customers to our Mediterranean Ports.


          Managing Director LEGHORN HELLAS , Greece

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